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논문 상세정보

용어적합성피드백기반-OPAC시스템에 대한 직접조작의 인터페이스 구축

Developing a direct manipulation-based interface to OPAC system using term relevance feedback technique


The interface design for most present query-base model of OPAC systems does not include the function to implement an iterative feedback process till the user arrives at satisfied search results through the interaction with the system. Also, the interface doesn't provide the help function for a user to select pertinent search terms. To formulate a query at the present OPAC system, a user should learn a set of syntax different from system to system. All of above mentioned things make an end-user feel difficult to utilize an OPAC system effectively. This experimental system is attempted to alleviate a few limitations of the present OPAC system by a n.0, pplying the direct-manipulation technique as well as the feedback principle. First, this system makes it unnecessary for a user to learn some syntax for query formulation by providing option buttons for access points. Second, this system makes it possible for a user to decide whether each displayed record is relevant or not, and for keywords included in the relevant records to be automatically stored in order to be used for later feedback. Third, in this system, the keywords stored in [sayongja yongeu bogyanham] can be deleted if unnecessary or can selected as search terms for a query expansion as well as a query modification. Fourth, in this system, after inputting the original query, the feedback process can be proceed without coming back to the previous search step until a user becomes satisfied with the search results. In conclusion, the searching behaviors of heterogeneous users should be continuously observed, analysed, and studied, the findings of which should be integrated into the design for the interface of the OPAC system.

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