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논문 상세정보

일정 열유속의 하부 가열면을 갖는 채널캐비티 내부유동의 PIV 계측

PlV Measurement of Channel Cavity Flow with Bottom Heat surface of Constant Heat Flux


An experimental study was carried out in a channel cavity with square heat surface by visual¬ization equipment with Mach - Zehnder interferometer and laser apparatus. The image processing system consists of one commercial image board slit into a personal computer and 2-dimensional sheet light by Argon-Ion Laser with cylindrical lens and flow picture recording system. Instant simultaneous velocity vectors at whole field were measured by 2-D PIV system which adopted two¬frame grey-level cross correlation algorithm. Heat source was uniform heat flux(o.4W/cm$^2$, , O.8W/cm$^2$, 1.2W/cm$^2$). Obtained result showed various flow patterns such as kinetic energy distribution. Severe unsteady flow fluctuation within the cavity are remarkable and sheared mixing layer phenomena are also found at the region where inlet flow is collided with the counter-clockwise rotating main primary vortex. Photographs of Mach ~ Zehnder are also compared in terms of constant heat flux.

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