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논문 상세정보

20세지 후반의 현대 패션에 나타난 정크아트(Junk Ark)의 조형성에 관한연구

A study on the formativeness of the junk Art represented in the second half 20th century fashion


The purpose of this study was to analyze the characteristics of the Junk Art represented in the second half 20the century fashion. The highly developed material civilization resulted in human alienations environmental distruption. By this fact human being of the 20the century was to overcome social com-plexity. In this respect this research was focused that how the characteristics of the junk Art was expressed in the second half 20th century fashion. The concepts of the Junk Art lied in the creation of art work in the 2-dimentional plane of 3-dimentional space through the application of all junks (wood pieces industrial debris trash ready-made goods etc) cast by the mod-ern industrial society and the mass production system. Juck Art had been further envigorated in the footstep of the development of the collage method based on the creation of object aes-thetics. And junk artists have untitled social environments with art by assembling junks as a way of exploring the material world of cur-rent society and provided infinite possibilities of expressional medium and technique. Above all junk Art has been reflected in the fashion as well as other art. Especially a lot of the fashion design by the use of junks and the expressive image of junks is produced in the 20th century. That is many of fashion designers have always been aware of what is happening in the arts and have always been able to use the dis-coveries and ideas of the artist to help them solve design problems and creat fashion which are new inventive and reflective of their time. The fashion designers of the junk fashion design could be said to have presented much more possibilities and new development for-mulas to modern fashion design and provided a new order of other formative arts. Unlike the negative and destructive punk cyberpunk fashion junk fashion was a positive and optimistic aesthetics. junk fashion that keeps pace with science and the development of technology is devoted to trying to grasp the real form of ultimate re-ality.

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