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논문 상세정보

당대와 송대의 여자장식에 관한 고찰

A Study on woman's hair fashions of Tang and Song Dynasty


During thousands of years the people of china have not only created the brilliant cul-ture with a world reputation but also brought about an abundant treasury of paramountly beautiful hairdo fashions beyond comparison. Hair styles are an important symbol of the ma-terial and cultural civilization of a certain his-torical period. In Dang Dynasty the country was unified the economy was properous and the political situation was relatively stable. These spelt the solid foundation on which the rich and colourful varieties in the hair styles of women emerged. The numerous hair fashions in Tang Dynasty woman folk could be summed up into three catagories-high bun hanging bun and flat bun. Of course like the garments hair fashions are also the marks for the social status of the women in the feudal society. The hairstyle of the women of the Song Dynasty still followed the fashion of the later period of the Tang Dynasty the high bun be-ing the favoured style. To dress this type of high bun switches were generally used sometimes fashioned in to switch buns of various shapes coiled directly on top of the head. Women from rich families however usually had hairpins and combs made into the shape of flowers birds phoenixes of butterflies to be pinned on top of the buns.

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