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논문 상세정보

인천항 선거내 해양환경의 이화학적 특성

Characteristics of Physicochemical Factors of Inchon Dock Ecosystem, Korea


Due to its lack of wave action and tide ecosystem in Inchon dock lacks in marine characteristics. Structural condition in the dock is artificially similar to that of lake. The purposes of this study was to clarify the water quality, to provide the basic physicochemical data and tl resolve the causation of ?미 blooming. Samples were obtained monthly from four stations in Inchon dock during January to December, 1991. Water temperature ranged from $2.7^{\circ}C$ to $27.6^{\circ}C$ under the strong influence of air temperature. Salinity varied between 24.7%-30.4% thus being influenced by freshwater discharged from a spring. Dissolved oxygen was concentrated from 0.1-13.92 mg/l and suspended solids were 6.9-231.0 mg/l. The physicochemical factors were similar to those investigated 10 years ago. However, increased concentration of nitrogenous nutrients initiated ?미 blooming and its process was accelerated to reach eutrophication. Algal blooming was proceeded in March and August.

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