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논문 상세정보

지리산 고도에 따른 토양서식성 앉은뱅이(거미강)의 월별 개체군 밀도 변화

Altitudinal Distribution and Monthly Fluctuation of Soil Pseudoscorpions (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpionida) at the Piago, Mt. Chiri


Seasonal fluctuations in density of soil-inhabiting Pseudoscorpions at the Piagol, Mt. Chiri were assessed on the basis of 4,984 individuals collected from March 1993 to February 1995. They encompassed 2 families, 6 genera and 11 species. Species composition and abundance were as follows: Allochthonius buanensis 47.0%, Microcreagris sp. 2. 20.7%, Microcreagris pygmaea 12.9%, Microcreagris japonica 9.8%, Pararoncus japonicus 3.7%, Mundochthonius minusculus 3.2%, Parobisium longipalpus 1.2%, Microbisium pygmaeum 1.0%, Allochthonius coreanus 0.2%, Microcreagris sp. 1 0.2%, and Parobisium robustiella 0.1%. Diversity index (H') decreased and dominance index (C) increased at the height of 1,200 m. The heights of 500 m. The heights of 500 m and 600 m were dominated heavily by A. buanensis and abundance of M. japonical and Microcreagris sp. 2 was also comparatively high and H' was high in March and April, low in August and September. in case of May, Jun., Jul., Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan. 1993, and Feb. 1994, H' stayed at a relatively constant level. A total of 4,984 individuals including 1,170 protonymphs (23.5%), 1,251 deutonymphs (25.1%), 533 tritonymphs (10.7%), and 2,030 adults (40.7%) was collected from the study sites. Sex ratio of the Pseudoscorpions was approximately 1 female : 1.1 male.

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