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용문천 저서성 대형무척추동물 군집의 변화

Change of Benthic Macroinvertebrates Community in the Yongmoonchun, Yang Pyong


There are 7 classes, 17 orders, and 141 species of benthic macroinvertebrates at the 5 study sites from Feb, '91 to May, '92. Total species frequency number has less variations among sites than seasonal changes. Not considering seasonal changes this indicates that there are some influences from outside pollution sources. Seasonally, Ortho chadiinae sp. 2 take 21.2% share of total species. It was the dominant species in Feb. '91. With total average level Ephemeroptera take 51.3% of total species as first dominant species. Diptera 27.8% as second dominant species and Trichoptera 16.7% as third dominant species. Through these biological indexes, they appear to have unstable living environments in summer at sites 1 and 5. One can see that site 1 is more polluted than site 3 because site 1 has more pollution sources such as pastures and recreation areas.

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