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논문 상세정보

한국인 분변에서 분리한 Bifidobacteria의 탈지유에서의 배양특성


Wild strains of bifidobacteria isolated from Korean feces were tested for their growth and acid production abilities in 10% skim milk. Growth of bifidobacteria was markedly decreased from the second transfer in the skim milk culture. When two strains, BF5 and BF33, were grown in skim milk with various supplements, the growth was enhanced by supplementation of 0.5% yeast extract, and 0.05% cysteine but not by short chain fatty acids. There was no enhancing effect of CO$_{2}$, substitution in the fermentor on growth. The viable cell counts of bifidobacteria, BF5 and BF33, were 9.76 and 9.98 logCFU/ml, respectively, after 30 hr cultivation and were diminished by 3 and 6 logs during storage at 5$\circ$C for 12 days.

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