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논문 상세정보

멕시코 현대건축의 지역주의에 관한 연구 -루이스 바라간과 리카르도 레고레타를 중심으로

A Study on the Regionalism in Contemporary Mexican Architecture -From the perspective of Luis Barragan & Ricardo Legorreta-


One of the clearest reactions against Modern architecture, and its planning ideology of comprechensive development, was the neo-Regional movement which arose at more or less the same time in serval countries. In the mid-fifties architects in Mexico started to design architectures which mixed vermacular and Modern methodology to recall traditional buildings. This popular alternative to Modernism had caught on in Mexico by the recent to become the accepted approach for the most regional building built by the Mexican architects. The regional architecture provided the continual activity, safety and economy of traditional life which was lacking in so many Modern building, while the these ages provided a cultural continuity. Anonymity of craftsmanship, but personalization of each building; enclosed wall of strong color, wide inward opening, but flat roof; emotional layouts and poetic outdoor water space, but variable massing; as it the buildings had been constructed over several years-these were the contradictory signs of neo-Regionalism. The Regional architecture has direct reference to human inhabitation and use, and it embraces mystery, poetic sense, a quality we are losing in Modern life. There is a freedom from rules, which shows up especially in an insouciant use of color, just for fuv.

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