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논문 상세정보

Water-Side Oxide Layer Thickness Measurement of the Irradiated PWR Fuel Rod by ECT Method


It has been known that eater-side corrosion of fuel rods in nuclear reactor is accompanied with the metallic loss of wall thickness and hydrogen pickup in the fuel dadding tube. The fuel dad corrosion is one of the major factors to be controlled to maintain the fuel integrity during reactor operation. An oxide later thickness measuring device equipped with ECT probe system was developed by KAERI, and whose performance test was carried out in NDT(Non-destructive Test) hot-cell or PIE(Post Irradiation Examination) Facility. At first, the calibration/performance test was executed for the unirradiated standard specimen rod fabricated with several kinds of plastic thin films whose thickness ore predetermined, and the result of which showed a good precision within 10% of discrepancy. And then, hot test us peformed for the irradiated fuel rod selectively extracted from J44 fuel assembly discharged from Kori Unit-2. The data obtained with this device were compared with the metallographic result obtained from destructive examination in PIEF hot-cell on the same fuel rod to verify the validity of the measurement data.

참고문헌 (2)

  1. Waterside Corrosion of Zircaloy Fuel Rods , F. Garzarolli;A.M. Garde(et al.) , EPRI-NP-2789 / v.,pp., 1982
  2. The Eddy Currdnt Testing System for Oxide Layer Thickness of Fuel Rod , Y. Yamaguchi(et al.) , IAEA Technical Committee on Post-Irradiation Evaluation Techniques for Reactor Fuel / v.,pp., 1990

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