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논문 상세정보


ATP-sensitive $K^+$ channels ($K_{ATP}$) were not identified in gastric smooth muscle cells. However, in tension recording of intact gastric circular muscle, lemakalim of $K_{ATP}$ channels opener in other tissues suppressed mechanical contractions and this effect was blocked by glibenclamide, a specific inhibitor of $K_{ATP}$ channels. The aims of this study were to investigate whether $K_{ATP}$ channels exist in gastric smooth muscle of guinea-pig and to know its physiological role. Whole cell $K^+$ currents activated by lemakalim were recorded from freshly isolated cells with a 0.1 mM ATP, 140 mM KCl pipette solutions. Lemakalim (10 ${\mu}M$) increased inward currents of $-224{\pm}34$ pA (n=13) at -80 mV of holding potential in bath solution contained 90 mM $K^+$. Bath-applied glibenclamide (10 ${\mu}M$) inhibited the lemakalim-activated inward currents by $91{\pm}6%$ (n=5). These lemakalim-activated inward currents were reduced by increased intracellular ATP from 0.1 to 3 mM ($-41{\pm}12$ pA) (n=5). The reversal potential of the glibenclamide- sensitive inward currents was $-5.2{\pm}2.4$ mV (n=3) in external 90 mM $K^+$ and shifted to $-14.8{\pm}3.6$ mV (n=3) in external 60 mM $K^+$, which close to equilibrium potential of $K^+$ ($E_K$). External barium and cesium inhibited the lemakalim-activated inward currents dose-dependently. The half-inhibitory dose ($IC_{50}$) of barium and cesium were 2.3 ${\mu}M$ (n=5) and 0.38 mM (n=4), respectively. 10 mM tetraethylammonium (TEA) also inhibited the lemakalim-activated inward currents by $66{\pm}15%$ (n=5). Both substance P (SP) (5 ${\mu}M$) and acetylcholine (ACh) (5 ${\mu}M$) inhibited lemakalim-activated inward currents. These results suggest that $K_{ATP}$ channels exist in the gastric smooth muscle and its modulation by neurotransmitters may play an important role in regulating gastric motility.

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