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논문 상세정보

냉장육 소비전력을 위한 소비자 외식 기호도 연구 -서울, 경기지역을 중심으로

A study on the Dining-out preference and behavior of consumers for the chilled meat consumption strategy in Seoul-Kyunggi Area


This study was conducted to investigate the consumers' Dining-out preference and behavior for the chilled meat consumption strategy . A total of 328 persons in Seoul, Kyunggi areas were selected by stratified random sampling method and were responded to this study questionnaire which was composed of six parts with 65 statements about chilled meat consumption. 1. The frequency of Dining-out is characterized that 'once a month' is the highest pattern of consumers(46.3%) : In that cases, the married people showed 'once a month'(52.7%) and 'once biweekly'(23.3%), but the unmarried people showed the more frequent pattern as 'once a week'(27.3%) and 'twice a week'(27.3%). And the frequency of Dining-out in relation with the education level revealed that 'the graduate people' are the highest (37.5%). 2. Generally the first food for the Dining-out is 'Kalbi'(26.2%), and the others were 'pork grilling','chilled meat grilling','fish sasimi','chinese foods','pizza' etc.... But there were some variation in relation with incomes and housing types: For the agriculture/physical labor class, they prefers the 'pork griling'(25.0%), the office work class prefers the 'Kalbi' For the house-owner group, they prefers the 'Kalbi', but the house-renting/lodging group, they prefer the 'chinese food' or 'pork grilling' etc.... 3. In choosing the Dining-out place,'quality of food'(54.3%) and 'hygiene'(21.0%) were rated as the first important factor. 4.'Soups', 'Noodles' and 'Cooked rice in casserole' were chosen as good lunch menu : for male, they prefer the 'Soups', but females prefer 'Cooked rice in casserole'. 5. People with commercials/services(44.7%) and agriculture/physical labor(50.0%) ate their lunch in private restaurant, but peoples in the office work(57.0%)/public service personnel(70.4%) and industry use refectory; and it showed significant difference. 6. Consumers prefer the chilled meat as a Dining-out menu, but they didn't recognize the difference between chilled meat and frozen meat 7. For Dining-out menu, many people proper the beef, but the price of beef was so high than pork, agriculture/physical labor class choose the pork grilling instead of beef : commercials/services/office worker prefer the beef chilled meat . 8. The first admirable cooking method for chilled meat is direct radiation grilling with charcoal and many of consumers prefer tender, marbling, some chewy and juicy, flavor, soft as a quality of meat but physical labor class prefer the some tough and chewy texture.

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