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논문 상세정보

조선(朝鮮) 통신사(通信使)를 포함한 한(韓).일(日) 관계에서의 음식문화(飮食文化) 교류 - 3. 조선통신사(朝鮮通信使) 파견과 일본(日本)의 조선통신사 접대

Food Culture Interchange in the Korean-Japanese relations including the Chosun Communication Facilities(correspondents of Chosun) - 3. The path of Chosun Communication Facilities (correspondents of Chosun) and the reception for them in Japan -


After the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, correspondents of Chosun called on Japan twelve times, as a mission, from 1607 to 1811. The suite of Chosun Communication Facilities (correspondents) was composed of nearly 500 people including a senior envoy, a junior envoy, other envoyes, and cooks. After preparing traveling expenses, Sifts, foods, medicinal stuffs, and ginseng, they shipped people and freight in three passenger ships and three freighters. They departed from Pusan for Edo(Tokyo). There were 28 stop-overs on their way to Edo and the banquet was given for them at every stop. The arrangements of the table for each banquet were made up of 753 Seon(tables), 3Jeup(soups) and 15Che(dishes). 753Seon(tables) is Ganban(the table for decoration) and a substantial food reception was composed of 3Jeup(soups) and 15Che(dishes). 753Seon(tables) was called Dadopoong(the food of refreshment) style and this was the standard arrangement of the banquet table in Japan. It was comprised of 3Jeup(soups) and 15Che(dishes). On their way from Edo to Thusima Island, food was afforded to correspondents for later preparation and dining. The banquet that the master of Thusima Island gave was composed of the first and second style banquets. The first one was Chusun style and the second one was Japanese style.

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  1. Kim, Hyeonsuk ; Woo, Minji ; Kim, Hyunju ; Song, Yeong Ok 2012. "Constitution of Formal and Informal Meals Consisting of Traditional Local Foods in Busan, Korea" 한국식품영양과학회지 = Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition, 41(10): 1467~1474 

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