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논문 상세정보

금속코핑 설계에 따른 Collarless Metal Ceramic Crown의 파절강도에 관한 연구



The metal ceramic crown is currently the most popular complete veneer restoration in dentistry, but in many cases, the metal cervical collar at the facial margin is unesthetic and unacceptable. Facial porcelain margin has been used in place of it. But this dose not solve the problems, such as dark gingival discoloration and cervical opaque reflection of porcelain veneer. Recently, metal copings which were designed to terminate its labio-cervical end on the axial walls coronal to the shoulder have been clinically used to solve the esthetic problem of metal ceramic crown. But in this design, porcelain veneer of labio-cervical area which is not supported by metal may not be able to resist the stress during cementation and mastication. The purpose of this study was to evaluate fracture strength and fractured appearance of crowns according to different coping designs. A resin maxillary left central incisor analogue was prepared for a metal ceramic crown, and metal dies were made with duplication mold. Metal copings were made and assigned to one of four groups based on facial framework designs: group 1, coping with 0.5mm metal collar; group 2, metal extended to the shoulder; group 3, metal extended to 1mm coronal tn the shoulder: group 4, metal extended to 2mm coronal to the shoulder. Copings and crowns were adjusted to be same size and thickness, and cemented to metal dies with zinc phosphate cement by finger pressure. Fracture strength was measured with Instron Universal Testing Machine. Metal dies were anchored in Three-way-vice at 3mm below finish line and at $130^{\circ}$ inclined to the long axis of the crown. Load was directed lingually at 2mm below midincisal edge. Load value at initial crack and at catastrophic fracture was recorded. The results obtained were as follows : 1. Fracture strength values at initial crack were higher in groups 1, 2 than in groups 3, 4 but this difference was not statistically significant(P<0.05). 2. Conventional metal collared crown had greater catastrophic fracture strength than any other collarless crowns. 3. The greater the labial metal coping reduction, the lower the catastrophic fracture strength of crowns but when more than 1mm of labial metal reduction was done, the difference in strengths was not statistically significant(p<0.05). 4. The strongest collarless coping design was group 2.

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