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논문 상세정보

전통적 문화요소에 바탕을 둔 미래의 도서지역 주거 모델 개발에 관한 기초 연구

The basic study about the modeling development of dwelling house of islands in the future based on the factor of traditional culture


This paper is an architectural paper which has been studied about dowelling form and culture in southwestern island area of Korea from 18C up to now. The goal of this research is to present the basic data in new modeling development of dwelling house. This area had less cultural interchange than inland area because of geographical conditions. Therefore, so far, many traditional factors have been handed down and especially, a good many commoner's traditional houses exit. The traditional houses is composed of Anchae (a central house), Sarangchae (an attached house of Anchae). Sometimes, Sarangchae was ommitted according to the circumstance of the house. Generally, the form of arrangement of house is divided into two shapes; One is 'ㅡ' shape which has only Anchae and the other is 'ㄱ' shape which has Anchae and Sarangchae. Approximately, since 1970's, new type of house has been built in this area. Usually, Inside this house are living room, kitchen, toilet, utility and 3 rooms. Wall is made of brick and roof is made of concrete's slabe. We can not find the traditional culture in this type of houses. The house in the futrue, the factors of cuture and the convenience of the present age have to be coexisted.

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