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논문 상세정보

한국 교인들의 목회간호 역할기대

Parishioner's role Expectations of Parish Nursing


Parish nursing is a community health nursing role developed in 1983 by Lutheran Chaplain Granger Westberg. An increasing emphasis on holistic care, personal responsibility for a healthy lifestyle, and changes in healthcare delivery systems have undoubtedly facilitated the establishment of an innovative nursing role in the community. Parish nurses are functioning in a variety of church congregations of various denominations. The parish nurse is a educator, a personal health counselor, a coordinator of volunteers. The parish nurses helps people relate to the complexed medical care system and assists people to integrate faith and health. The purpose of this study is to investigate what the korean parishioners want in parish nursing and what type of role expectation from parish nurse. The subjects were 1138 parishioners of 23 churches of various denominations in nationwide Korea. Data were collected by self-reported question naires from Feb 4 to June 25. 1999. The data were analyzed by using percentage. frequency. $x^2-test$. multiple Response set with SPSS program. The results are as follows: 1. Desired parish nursing contents by parish nurses are: psychological counselling(23.4%) out of private counselling. stress management(21.1 %) out of private health education. Emergency care(14.1%) out of group health education. Blood Pressure check-ups (19.0%) out of Health check ups. home visiting(44.9%) out of patient visiting method. B T. pulse, respiration and blood pressure check(15.0%) in Care to serve in home visiting. spiritual preparation to accept the death(41.7%) in hospice care, advices to choice of medical treatment using guide(50.1%) in introducing and guiding of health care facilities, pray(21.7%) in spiritual care' faith support. 2. Desired Health Teaching Content According to Period of Clients by Parish Nurse are: Vaccination(22.5%) in infant and toddler health management. sexual education(25.3%) in adolescent health management. prenatal care (29.5%) in pregnant health management. osteoporosis prevention and management (22.4%) in Middle aged health management. dementia prevention and management(25.5%) in elderly health management. 3. The expectant role from parish nurse is spiritual care faith support(14.1%). patient visiting care(13.2%), hospice care(12.9%), private counseling(12.8%), health check ups (11.1 %), volunteer organization and training out of believer(11.0%), private health education (9.3%), group health education (8.3%). 4. In Necessity of Performing Parish Nursing according to Region, Most(over 95%) responded that nursing program is needed. so there is no significance between regions. In Performing Parish Nursing in their church, Most(92.2%) responded they want to perform program. 5. In case of performing parish nursing, 52% out of the subjects responded they want to participated in parish nursing volunteer's activity, for example. to be in active to be a companion to chat(42.1%), necessity support (25.3%), donation support(25.0%), exercise support(18.2%), vehicles support (9.9%). As a result. in holistic care and spiritual care, the need of parish nursing and the role expectation from parish nurse are very high among korean believers. Therefore, I suggest parish nursing centering around Taegu and Kyungbuk province should be extended to nationwide. For extending parish nursing program. more active advertisement and research is needed. After performing parish nursing program through out the country, further comparative research between regions should be practiced and Korean parish nursing program will be developed and activated.

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