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논문 상세정보

금 합금 및 비 귀금속 합금에 대한 의치상 레진의 결합강도에 관한 연구



In general, the three major oral functions of edentulous patients-mastication, phonation, esthetics-can be rehabilitated by the complete dentures, and both the resin based complete denture and the metal based complete denture are commonly used by many clinicians today. For the sake of many advantages such as the excellent thermal conductivity, low volumetric change, high strength, low risk of fracture and the better patient's adaptation, the metal based complete dentures are indicated to the several cases. But, there are common failures of these type of dentures mainly by the fracture or the debonding between the resin structures and the metal frameworks which is caused by the discrepancies of the flexural strength and the coefficient of thermal expansion. This is aggravated by the water contamination of the interface when exposed to the oral environment and results in the failure of complete denture treatment. So, the purpose of this study is to compare the bond strength and the fracture patterns of the gold alloy based and the Co-Cr alloy based complete dentures using the PMMA resins and the 4-META adhesive resins. The results of this study were as follows. 1. Both to the PMMA resin and the 4-META resin, the flexural bond strength of gold alloy is lower than that of Co-Cr alloy(P<0.05) 2. To the Co-Cr alloy, the bond strength of the 4-META resin is significantly higher than that of PMMA resin(P<0.05). 3. The flexural strength of the group with the mechanical retention form is significantly higher than that of the group without retention form(P<0.05). 4. Comparing with the other groups, the fracture patterns of the group 3 are quite different from the group 1,2,5.

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