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Statement of problem. Luster loss in esthetic anterior ceromer restoration can occur and can be related with rough surface texture. Understanding durability of surface finishing methods like polishing and surface coating have critical importance. Purpose. This study evaluated the effect of tooth brushing and thermal cycling on surface luster of 3 ceromer systems (Artglass, Targis, Sculpture) treated with different surface finishing methods. Material and methods. Seventy-two samples were prepared: 12 for control group Z100, 12 for Artglass, 24 for Targis, and 24 for Sculpture. Half of the Targis and Sculpture were polished according to the manufacturer's recommendation. The rest of the samples were coated with staining and glazing solution for Targis and Sculpture, respectively. All specimens were subjected to 10,000 cycles between $5^{\circ}C\;and\;55^{\circ}C$ with 30 seconds dwell time. Tooth brushing abrasion tests were performed in a customized tooth brushing machine with 500g back and forth for 20,000 cycle. Luster comparisons were based on grading after direct observation, and light reflection area was measured with Image analysis software. Results. All materials showed an decrease in luster grade after thermal cycling and tooth brushing. The post-tooth brushing results revealed that the glazed Sculpture had greater mean luster grade than did any other groups. While, the stained Targis group showed greatest changes after tooth brushing (p < 0.05), polished Targis and Sculpture did not show significant changes. However, glazed Sculpture showed discretely fallen out glaze resin. Conclusion. From the results of this study, all of the ceromer specimens were much glossy than control composite group after tooth brushing. coatings used for Targis and Sculpture had not durability for long term use.

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