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논문 상세정보

오뜨꾸뛰르(Haute Couture) 작품에 표현된 현대패션의 경향 연구

A Study on Contemporary Fashion Expressed in Haute Couture


Haute couture denotes a luxurious made-to-order dressmaker's shop. In principle, it refers to a place that is registered with the Paris Apparel Association and has met the size and criteria specified by the association. The features of modern fashion expressed in haute couture have been contemplated by categorizing them into mixed impression appearing in haute couture work pieces. turning the collection event into a spectacle and commercialization for the succession of haute couture. Mixed impression manifested in the haute couture has engendered (1) the creative and dynamic feature (2) eclecticism with popular culture (3) mixed impression of reactionism (4) ethnic characteristics. From the above considerations, one could say that the factors drive the very existence of haute couture and comprise three elements of impeccable backgrounds, They are (1) organizing ability and protective policies of the French fashion industry, (2) relentless experimental spirit of the haute couture designers and (3) Paris that supports creativity and fashion fabrication, have coincided with rising up of the value of persistence on originality of work pieces in accordance with diversifying cultural transformations. consumer-oriented patterns by way of capital symbolized by consumers and restructuring of company operation by each shop. This report describes comprehensive understanding of haute couture, creativity and dynamic power of the haute couture work pieces. Akin to the efforts to maintain the existence of high-grade cultures throughout the overall cultures themselves, haute couture, on the basis of these factors, should also become the motive power through which luxurious culture in fashion is created in the days ahead.

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