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정상분만 초산모의 무통분만 실시 여부에 따른 분만관련 요인 비교

Comparison Study about Effects of Painless Delivery on Primiparae


The purpose of this study was to recognize and compare the concrete factors(perception of painless delivery, Strength of labor pain, the time of labor, APGAR score, satisfaction of painless delivery) on primiparae with and without painless delivery. The subjects were 100 primipara with painless delivery and 100 without painless delivery who had delivered at K university's general hospital in Daegu city. The data that were collected from May. 20, 1998 to July. 30 analysed by the SPSS program. The results of the study were summarized as follow; 1) As a result of the perspective of the painless labor, the mean of primiparae with painless labor was higher than primiparae without painless labor. It was statistically significant(t=-2.63, p=0.0093). 2) As a result of the strength of labor pain, the mean of primiparae without painless labor was higher than primiparae with painless labor. And it was statistically significant(t=17.074, p=0.000). 3) As a result of comparison to the time of labor, In the 1st stage, Without painless labor group was higher than the other (t=256, p=0.0114). In the 2nd stage, with painless labor group was higher than the other(t=-2.13, p=0.0346). But in the 3rd stage, there was no significant differences between two groups. 4) As a result of measuring APGAR score, there was no significant differences. 5) As a result of measuring the satisfaction of painless labor in painless labor group, 'satisfied with painless labor' is 77%, but 'unsatisfied with explanation from health care giver' was 33%. On the basis of above findings, the following is suggested ; It is needed a extended study which are designed for multiparae. And also we suggested that independent nursing-intervention program has to be developed for controlling the labor pain that must lead to positive labor experiences.



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