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논문 상세정보

수지침 경험자들의 수지침에 대한 효율성과 효과성 인식정도

Recognition of Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Experiences with Hand Acupuncture


The purpose of this study is to provide with basic information on application of hand acupuncture as a complementary and alternative therapy by giving some recognition of efficiency and effectiveness of hand acupuncture. And so, answers for questionnaires of 290 respondents were used for this research and collected from June 5 through 13, 1999 from adults twenty and over who were participating in the hand acupuncture training program in Seoul and had some direct experiences with hand acupuncture therapy, whatever they had been treated and/or had treated. To secure reliability of measurement tool. Cronbach'a has been calculated and Factor Analysis was done as Validity Analysis of question classification. Demograprucal characteristics of hand acupuncture experienced people and factors related to hand acupuncture experiences are calculated based on the real number and percentage. The degree of recognition of efficiency and effectiveness of hand acupuncture is made as average and standard deviation, while the degree of recognition of efficiency and effectiveness based on general characteristics come from one-way ANOVA. 1. According to socio-demographical analysis. the questioned could be classified firstly as age (40-49 : 32.5%. 30-39 : 24.9%. 50-59 : 21.9%. 60-69 : 14.7%. 20-29 : 6.0%). secondly gender (male 36.6%. female 63.4%). thirdly occupation (housewife: 43.8%. self-employed: 15.5%. company-employee: 14.8%). fourthly education (high school graduate: 41.9%, college graduate: 37.9%), and lastly monthly-income (1 to 2 million: 51.4%. 2 to 3 million: 20,3%) 2, As for the general aspects related to hand acupuncture. 80,0% of the respondents answered almost zero for the monthly average number of visit to hospital and 15.5% responded 1 to 2 visits, 6,2% of the respondents is complaining of a disorder of digestive system. 19,0% circulatory disease, 10.7% bad nervous system. By utilizing hand acupuncture, 84% of the questioned have following experiences in curing diseases: digestive system 47.3%, circulatory system 9.3%, nervous system 8.3%, 54,1% are curing 1 to 2 and 10.3% 3 to 4 patients on a daily basis with hand acupuncture. Research on the demerits of giving medical treatment with hand acupuncture shows 23,8% are feeling economic burden. 16.6% difficulty of learning and 16.2% weak theoretical backgrounds. 3. Among the efficiency recognition, possibility of general application is average 4,29 and simple treatment is 4,19. economic merits 4.36. possibility of establishment with supplementary and alternative medicine 4.17, medical effectiveness 4.09. 4, As a result of demographical analysis on the efficiency and effectiveness of hand acupuncture therapy, it appears that the recognition of efficiency based on occupation and the recognition of effectiveness based on monthly income are most significant to be noticed. In an orderly fashion. government-employee, self-employed, company-employee. and then housewife have perceived hand acupuncture very efficiently, And those who recognize hand acupuncture to be most effective are people earn 1 million to 2 million won a month, 5. The efficiency(p = .003) and effectiveness (p= .049) of hand acupuncture therapy by number of visit to hospital were statiscally significant, and effectiveness of hand acupuncture therapy by disease exist was statiscally significant (p= .033).

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  1. Song, Young-A ; Shin, Hye-Sook 2009. "Effects of Koryo Hand Therapy on Menopausal Symptoms and FSH, LH, and Estradiol in Climacteric Women" Journal of Korean academy of nursing = 대한간호학회지, 39(6): 868~877 


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