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논문 상세정보

Hybrid-Ceramic Crown과 금속 도재관의 파절강도 비교



The purpose of this study was to compare the fracture strengths and the fracture patterns of several hybrid-ceramic crowns and metal-ceramic crown. Ten crowns were constructed for each group according to the manufacturer's instruction. Removable template of silicone rubber impression material was used for standardization of each crowns. Each crown was cemented on a metal die with hybrid glass ionomer cement. All crowns cemented were stored in distilled water, $36^{\circ}C$ for 24 hours prior to loading in an universal testing machine. The load was directed at 130 degrees the long axis of metal die. The fracture strengths were measured and the fracture patterns were observed. The following results were obtained from this study 1. The mean fracture strengths of $Artglass^{(R)}$, $Sculpture^{(R)}$ and $Targis^{(R)}$ were $57.5{\pm}9.5Kgf,\;62.7{\pm}12.2Kgf$ and $60.2{\pm}10.1Kgf$ respectively. There was no significant difference among each hybrid ceramic crown group. 2. The toad required to fracture hybrid-ceramic crowns was significantly smaller than metal-ceramic crowns($131.7{\pm}22.0Kgf$). 3. In the metal-ceramic crowns, labial porcelain detached partially from porcelain-metal junction of proximal side by load. 4. Hybrid-ceramic crowns showed a simple fracture pattern that fracture line began at the loading area and extended through proximal surface, perpendicular to the margin. The crown was separated into two parts of labial side and lingual side. Above results revealed that three kinds of the hybrid-ceramic crowns used in this study must have careful application in clinical use since the strength of hybrid-ceramic crown was lower(about 1/2) than that of metal-ceramic crown.

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