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논문 상세정보


The objective of this study was to investigate the surface contact and screw joint stability between screw and implant interface by use of sealer. The implants evaluated in this study were Steri-Oss futures(Hexlock $3.8D{\times}10mm$: Steri-Oss, Yorba Linda, CA), and Steri-Oss staight abutment. Titanium alloy screws were used to secure abutments to implants. The other titanium alloy screws applicating sealer(Impla-Seal, Implant Support Systems, Inc. Irvine, CA) were used to secure abutments to implants. In one another sample, 6kg of force was applied during simulated intraoral movements after abutment screws were secured to the implants with sealer. All samples were cross sectioned with sandpaper and polished with $0.1{\mu}m\;Al_2O_3$. Then samples were recorded with an scanning electron microscope. The results were as follows : 1. In the case of titanium alloy screw, irregular contacts and relatively large gap were present at thread mating surface. Also abutment screw/implant interface demonstrate incomplete seating and only one surface contact of threads between implant and screw. 2. In the case of titanium alloy screw applecating sealer, sealer was present between implant and screw. Therefore implant and screw had relatively close and tight contact without the presence of large gap. 3. On the other hand, in the case of titanium alloy screw applicating sealer and dynamic loading of suprastructures, sealer was partially present between implant and screw. Conclusively, sealer fills voids, creating a barrier to moisture and bacteria. In addition, loading of suprastructures may change the situation and limit the indications for gap sealing.

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