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논문 상세정보

치과용 금-은-팔라디움 합금에 대한 프라이머 처리가 금속-레진 접착에 미치는 영향



The pcf metal primers on the bond strength and durability of 4-META/MMA-TBB resins adhered to an Au-Ag-Pd alloy. For this study, the specimens were divided into 8 groups as follows: Thermocyle 0 : (1) control group : sandblast, (2) Group I : sandblast + Cesead Opaque Primer; (3) Group II : sandblast + Metal Primer; (4) Group III : sandblast + V-Primer; Thermocyle 10,000 (5) control sandblast: (6) Group I : sandblast + Cesead Opaque Primer: (7) Group II : sandblast + Metal Primer; (8) Group III sandblast + V-Primer. The shear bond strength was determined using an Instron were observed with the use of scanning electron microscope. Finally, the strengths of bonded joints were evaluated with regard to their adherence energy using a wedge test. The results obtained were as follows ; (1) The shear bond strength of 4-META/MMA-TBB resin to the Au-Ag-Pd alloy was significantly improved in all the groups treated with the primers (p<0.05). (2) Regardless of the adhesive primers used, a significant difference was observed in the bond strength of the thermocycle 0 groups and 10,000 groups (p<0.05). (3) Both before and after thermocycling, the strongest bond strength between the resin an the alloy was obtained after treatment with a metal primer containing MEPS (p<0.05). (4) In the wedge test, the adherence energies of the control group and Group III decreased more rapidly than those of Group I and II during the 2nd day of storage in water.

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