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논문 상세정보

금속 다우엘코어에 사용된 수종의 전부도재관의 색조변화에 관한 연구



The purpose of this study is to compare and analyze the shade changes(${\Delta}E^*$) about $In-Ceram^{(R)}$, $IPS-Empress^{(R)}$, $OPC^{(R)}$ by using of the spectrophotometer arising from inital status and before and after cementation of the resin cement mounted on the metal core. We used a couple of statistics such as 'One- Way ANOVA' and 'Multiple Range Test.' We could be able to verify significantly what is being discussed here up to 95%. The results drawn from our research are as follows : 1. At the time of our experiments regarding the initial shapes of all-ceramic and mounting status of all-ceramic on the metal crown(${\Delta}E^*1$), and a comparison of mounting of all ceramic on the metal crown with all-ceramic cemented on the metal core(${\Delta}E^*2$), at the time of shade change of initial shapes and after we cemented on the metal core. (1) no significant difference among all-ceramics was found. (2) no particular difference was found regarding the $In-Ceram^{(R)}$. (3) a significant difference between the ${\Delta}E^*1$ and ${\Delta}E^*2$ regarding the $IPS-Empress^{(R)}$ was found(P<0.05). (4) a significant difference between the ${\Delta}E^*1$ and ${\Delta}E^*2$ regarding the $OPC^{(R)}$ was found(P<0.05). 2. When we compared the shade changes(${\Delta}E^*$) resulted from before and after the cementation on each of the parts involved of some all-ceramic, we could be able to find shade change increase form incisal third, middle third. and cervical third in that order in $In-Ceram^{(R)}$(spinell), IPS $Empress^{(R)}$, and $OPC^{(R)}$ all. In addition. we could be able to find a significant difference between cervical third and incisal third, middle third. (P<0.05) From what we have just seen, we might conclude that there is a significant shade change difference before and after the cementation with respect to $IPS-Empress^{(R)}$ and $OPC^{(R)}$. In addition, we could also be able to find more shade change difference at the cervical third rather than incisal third and middle third depending on the parts involved.

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