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All-ceramic restorations have become an attractive alternative to porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. In-Ceram, and more recently IPS Empress 2 were introduced as a new all-ceramic system for single crowns and 3-unit fixed partial dentures. But their strength and marginal fit are still an important issue. This study evaluated the fracture resistance and marginal fit of three systems of 3 unit all-ceramic bridge fabricated on prepared maxillary anterior resin teeth in vitro. The 3 all-ceramic bridge systems were: (1) a glass-infiltrated, sintered alumina system (In-Ceram) fabricated conventionally, (2) the same system with copy-milled alumina cores (copy-milled In-Ceram), (3) a heat pressed, lithium disilicate reinforced glass-ceramic system (IPS Empress 2). Ten bridges of each system with standardized design of framework were fabricated. All specimens of each system were compressed at $55^{\circ}$ at the palatal surface of pontic until catastrophic fracture occurred. Another seven bridges of each system were fabricated with standard method. All of the bridge-die complexes were embedded in epoxy resin and sectioned buccolingually and mesiodistally. The absolute marginal discrepancy was measured with stereomicroscope at ${\times}50$ power. The following results were obtained: 1. There was no significant difference in the fracture strength among the 3 systems studied. 2. The Weibull modulus of copy-milled In-Ceram was higher than that of In-Ceram and IPS Empress 2 bridges. 3. Copy-milled In-Ceram($112{\mu}m$) exhibited significantly greater marginal discrepancy than In Ceram ($97{\mu}m$), and IPS Empress 2 ($94{\mu}m$) at P=0.05. 4. The lingual surfaces of the ceramic crowns showed smaller marginal discrepancies than mesial and distal points. There was no significant difference between teeth (incisor, canine) at P=0.05. 5. All-ceramic bridges of three systems appeared to exhibit sufficient initial strength and accept able marginal fit values to allow clinical application.

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