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논문 상세정보

현대(現代) 건설관리개념(建設管理槪念)을 통한 "화성성역의궤(華城城役儀軌)"의 분석(分析)에 관한 연구(硏究

A Study on the Analysis of the HwaSungSungYouk-EuGye in the Aspect of the Modern Construction Management -Focus on ChangAhn-Mun's Construction Work-


The purpose of this study is not only to evaluate the capacity of construction management but also to understand the capacity of construction productivity by analysing various information, mainly collected from the book, HwaSungSungYouk-EuGye. The book was made by ChungCho who was one of the great kings Choson Dynasty, which has lots of information about how to build HwaSung during the last of the eighteen century. It is true that previous researches have showed lots of limitation to study the HwaSungSungYouk-EuGye though it contained a plenty of construction data. The main reason would be the absence of study methods to analyze HwaSungSungYouk-EuGye systematically. That's why there have not been overall studies about the HwaSungSungYouk-EuGye. This study starts from the definition that the HwaSungSungYouk was one of the construction projects which is the concept for construction management today. The construction project can be defined in terms of its distinctive characteristics: a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product. Temporary means that every project has a definite beginning and a definite end. Unique means the product is different in some distinguishing way from all similar products. A project is also undertaken several kinds of organizations. They may Involve a single person or many thousands. This study is to show some of the effective methods. Firstly, the concept of the database system today can be applied to effectively control and classify the complicated data in the HwaSungSungYouk-EuGye. Secondly, on the basis of the database system, the concept of modern construction management will be also use to figure out the construction data of the HwaSungSungYouk-EuGye.

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  1. Kim, Kyoon-Tai 2009. "A Study on Procurement of Construction Materials in the HwaSeong Construction Project" 한국건축시공학회지 = Journal of the Korea Institute of Building Construction, 9(6): 183~188 


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