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논문 상세정보

볼링투구동작의 운동역학적 분석(II

Mechanical Analysis of throw motion in Bowling


The purpose of this study was defined efficient throw motion pattern to obtain the quantitative data and to achieve successful bowling through kinetic - kinematic variables on the throw motion. Subject of group composed of three groups : Higher bowlers who are two representative bowlers with 200 average points and one pro-bowler. Middle bowlers who are three common persons with 170 average points. Lower bowler who are three common persons with 150 average points. Motion analysis on throw motion in three groups respectively has been made through three-dimension cinematography using DLT method. Two high-speed video camera at operating 180 frame per secondary. One-way ANOVA has been used to define variable relations. Analyzed result and conclusion are the following : The displacement of back of the hand must have wider difference of each right-left displacement to increase the spin of the ball. In high bowlers group, difference between the front-rear position of back of the hand in case of success and that in case of failure in follow throw is 0.17m. That is to say, momentum in case of success come to increase greatly, compared with that in case of failure. To increase the spin of the ball, the potential difference should be narrower in follow through. In case of the high bowlers, the velocity of the front-rear direction of the back of the hand has been the fastest both in release and follow through, compared with those in other groups, which has contributed to increasing the spin force of the ball. The orders in the resultant velocity of the back of the hand has shown the this : the finger tip$\rightarrow$the back of the hand$\rightarrow$wrist.These orders made the proximal segment support the distal segment. The distal segment has provided the condition to accelerate the velocity. In case of failure, the suddenly increased velocity has caused the failure in the follow through. Acutely flexing the angle of the back of the hand has contributed to lifting to increase the spin of the ball.

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