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논문 상세정보

한국거주와 일본거주 한국노인의 건강증진 행위 비교

The Comparison of Health Promoting Behaviors for the Korean Elderly residing in Korea and Japan


This study intended to analyze the health promoting behaviors by comparing various factors according to the residence areas(Korea or Japan) of Korean Elderly. and to present basic data in planning systematic and effective programs of health promotion for each residence area. The subjects of this study were 164 Korean elders in Daegu, South Korea, and 164 elders in Aichi prefecture, Japan. Data was collected by interviews and self-administered questionnaires from the 1st to the 20th of April in 2000. The tool for this study was based on Walker et al.(1987)'s Health Promotion lifestyle Profiles (HPLP). The analysis was performed with Cronbach's $x^2-test$, t-test. ANCOVA, Kendal tau, Pearson correlation, and Stepwise Multiple Regression test using SPSS program. The results are as follows: 1. There was a significant difference in occupation($x^2$=41.3. p=0.000), the source of the pocket money($x^2$=114.36. p=0.000) by the residence areas in terms of socio-demographic characteristics. 2. There was a significant difference between the two groups on the health promoting behaviors(t=-8.19. p=0.000). The score of elders group in the South Korean group on health promoting behaviors was 2.32. showing 0.33 lower than that of the elders group in Japan(2.65). 3. ANCOVA involving occupation and the source of pocket money as co-variables. showed significant differences (F=15.37. p=0.000) regarding health promoting behaviors according to the residence areas. 4. In consideration of variables that have an influence on health promoting behavior by residence areas, pocket money occupied 11.5% of health promoting behavior in the elders group in South Korea. In the elders group in Japan, pocket money occupied 18.1% of health promoting behavior and 20.6% including education. The suggestions based on the results of this study are as follows.: 1. It is necessary to develop health promoting programs considering the residence areas of Korean elders. 2. It is necessary to develop social programs for improving the education level and solving pocket money problems, which are the significant factors for the health promoting behavior of Korean elders.

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