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논문 상세정보

Implant 보철물 access hole의 깊이에 관한 연구



A total of 605 implant fixture prosthesis delivered by 3 clinics and 2 laboratories were examined in this study, The object of this study was to determine the proper length of screw head. The depth of access hole were measured and compared to the type of fixture, abutment, gold screw and prosthesis. The results were as follows : 1 The average number of fixtures per patient were 2.97. 2. The number of fixture installed in the upper posterior area are 327(55.56 %), the upper posterior area 171 (28.25%). 3. The depth of access hole is 4.23 mm in shallow area, and 5.46 mm in deep area and the differences were 1.23 mm. 4. The average depth of the aceess hole of the UCLA abutment were 5.02 mm. 5. The number of 4-5 mm access hole depth were 60(22.39%) in abutment screw level and the number of 4-5 mm depth in fixture level were 101 (29.19%). 6. In the shape of screw head, hexed type were 576(95.21%), slotted type were 29(4.79%).

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