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논문 상세정보

목조(木造) 건조물문화재(建造物文化財)의 보존이론(保存理論)에 관한 연구 -일본(日本) 건조물문화재(建造物文化財)의 수리사례(修理事例)를 중심(中心)으로

A Study about the Conservation theory of Architectural Monuments -with a Focus on similar work done in Japan-


This study is about the preservation of wooden buildings as cultural properties. I got the idea for preservation and repair of cultural properties of wooden buildings by watching the process of repairing them in Japan. The Japanese have been endeavored to restoring old wooden buildings to their original forms for more than a hundred years. The idea to change decayed materials into new materials or the new approach to the process of restoration used to be in conflict with the concept of 'Authenticity'--the criteria for evaluation of the value of cultural properties, based on the Western of thinking, established by UNESCO. Since 'Nara Conference on Authenticity', held in 1994 in Nara, however, the concept of 'Authenticity' has changed, and the peculiarity of certain cultural properties of the wooden buildings and their diversity of culture have now begun to be recognized by UNESCO. This is a crucial change for the study of preservation, repair and restoration of cultural properties of wooden buildings. The purpose of this study is, therefore, to look closely at the process of change of the concept 'Authenticity' and find a better method for preservation of cultural properties of wooden buildings.

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