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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the status of care-giving for the demented elderly and to find out the need of community in-house care services-day care services, short-term care services, home help services, and home care services. Method: It analyzed the data of 186 old people having dementia, and caregivers. Data were collected for five days, in September 2002. Results: The caregivers were mostly women and the burden for the care giving was high (87.5%). They used community care services, that is, day care services (26.5%), home care services (21.6%), home help services 00.8%), short-term care services (6.2%). Caregivers' age and education level were significant factors in the demand for day care services. Caregivers' education level was a statistically significant factor in the demand for short-term care services and home help services. Caregivers' age and education level were significant factors in the demand for home care services. Conclusions: It is necessary to expand the financial aid for the active implementation of daytime protection for dementia-patients under medical treatment at home and to promote patients' recovery. It is necessary to enhance home help services and home care services, and to establish many day care centers and short term care centers. Through this, it will prevent caregivers from becoming burnt out due to the burden of care giving.

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