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논문 상세정보


In this study, certain 3-methyl-2-[4-(substituted amino carbonyl)anilino] quinoxalines, (2a-d) and (3a-d), were synthesized from the new key compound 2-[4-(ethoxycarbonyl)anilino]-3-methyl quinoxaline (1). In addition, a series of 2-[4-(arylidene hydrazinocarbonyl)anilino]-3-methyl quinoxalines (5a-e), as well as their cyclized oxadiazolinyl derivatives (6a-e), and a series of 2-[4-$N^2$-acylhydrazinocarbonyl)anilino]-3-methyl quinoxalines (7a-d), as well as their cyclized oxadiazolyl derivatives (8a-d) were also prepared. Some of these derivatives were evaluated for antimicrobial activity in vitro. It was found that all the selected compounds exhibit antimicrobial activity and that compound 5b had a broad spectrum of activity.

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