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논문 상세정보


In this study, we propose a small high voltage power supply, which uses a half-bridge ZCS resonant and Cockroft-Walton circuit as its ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator). This power supply transfers energy from the ZCS resonant inverter to the step-up transformer. The transformer secondary is then applied to the Cockroft-Walton circuit for generating high voltage as a discharging source of electrodes. It is highly efficient because its amount of switching losses are reduced by virtue of the current resonant half-bridge inverter, and also due to the small size, low parasitic capacitance in the transformer stage owing to the low number of winding turns of the step up transformer secondary combined with the Cockroft-Walton circuit. Using this power supply, experiments have been carried out as a function of the switching frequency and duty ratio in order to investigate the smoke removal characteristics. From these results, the best operational condition is obtained at the switching frequency of 9 kHz and the duty ratio of 50% in this ESP.

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