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논문 상세정보


Plasma steroid hormone levels in the viviparous rockfish (Sebastes schlegeli) were examined in relation to gonadal histology under controlled photoperiods and water temperatures. To investigate those effects in S. schlegeli the photoperiod was maintained at 15L:9D in June and then it was gradually decreased to 9L: 15D in October. It was then gradually increased to 12L:12D in January, followed by 14L:I0D in February. The water temperature was $19-20^{\circ}C$ in July. From August to October, it was from $18^{\circ}C\;to\;12^{\circ}C$. Then, it was dropped to a low of $19-11^{\circ}C$ in November to December and then gradually increased to $14-15^{\circ}C$ in February. In females, both plasma $estradiol-l7\beta\;$ (E2) and testosterone (T) levels from August to February showed a similar pattern in both the treatment and the control groups. In the treatment group, the peaks of plasma E2 and T were observed in November, and the peaks were closely correlated to histological observations. Oocytes contained many yolk globules (final vitellogenic oocytes), and oocytes at the migratory nucleus stage increased in size. Plasma levels of progesterone did not change much throughout the experimental period. However, in the control group, the peaks of E2, T, and progesterone were observed in February. These results indicate that the controlled photoperiod and water temperature accelerated sexual maturity, corresponding to the advancement of plasma E2 and T peaks by approximately 3 months. In males, plasma T levels showed a similar pattern from August to October in the treatment and control groups, though levels in the treatment group were higher than those in the control group. From histological observations, the treatment group copulated one month earlier.

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