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The heterotrophic production method for Tetraselmis suecica, a suggested alternative to photoautotrophic one in the economic sense, was studied in terms of cell growth and sterolic property. The alga in the 10 mM organic carbon (glucose) manifested cell growth. However, the alga produced by the heterotrophic method showed a unique property of sterol determined with an aid of GC and GC-MS. The photoautotrophic control T. suecica contained 6 detectable sterol species: $cholesta-5,\;22-dien-3\beta-o1$, $ergost-5-en-3\beta-o1$, cholest-5-en-3\beta-o1$, $24-methyl-cholesta-5,\;22-dien-3\beta-o1$, $24-methylcholesta-5,\;24-dien-3\beta-o1$, $24-ethylchlolesta-5,\;24-dien-3\beta­o1$, $24-methylcholesta-5-en-3\beta-o1$, and $24-ethylchlolesta-5en-3\beta-o1$. We discuss the sterolic properties of the alga along the heterotrophic progress, particularly focusing on the availability of the method in the aquaculture of bivalves which normally need sterols as a dietary source.

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