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논문 상세정보


Magnetic storms are almost always accompanied with substorms or substorm-like disturbances. Understanding the nature of the storm-time substorm is important for the currently critical issue of the storm-substorm relation. In this work we have done a statistical analysis in a straightforward way to see whether the storm-time substorms are preferably spontaneous or triggered. On the basis of 301 storm-time substorms selected for this work, we have found that the occurrence of about $28\%$ of them was spontaneous while only $6.5\%$ were associated with a clear trigger(s). The rest of the events were mostly associated with complex variations of IMF. The significant percentage for the spontaneous substorms implies that the possibility of finding a storm without a substorm is greatly reduced due to the spontaneous occurrence of the substorm even when the solar wind and IMF condition remains completely steady during the storm time.


#storm   #substorm   #IMF  

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