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작은 진폭의 불균일 온도를 갖는 두 수평 평판 사이에서의 열 대류

Thermal Convection Between Two Horizontal Plates with Small Amplitude Non-Uniform Temperatures


Thermal convection between two horizontal walls kept at small amplitude nonuniform temperatures of the form, $T_L=T_1+a{\Delta}T$ sin kx and $T_U=T_2+b{\Delta}T\;sin(kx-{\beta})$ with a, $b{\ll}1$, is numerically investigated. When the Rayleigh number is small, an upright cell is formed between two walls at ${\beta}=0$; the cell is tilted at ${\beta}={\pi}/2$, and a flow with two-tier-structure cells occurs at ${\beta}={\pi}$. As the Rayleigh number is increased, Nusselt number increases smoothly for ${\beta}=0\;and\;{\pi}/2$, but increases rather steeply for ${\beta}={\pi}$ near the critical Rayleigh number ($Ra_c=1708$). When the wave number is small (k=0.5), multicellular convection occurs over one wave length, for all phase differences, and multiple solutions are found.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Choi, Yong-Don ; Kang, Yong-Tae ; Kim, Nae-Hyun ; Kim, Man-Hoe ; Park, Kyoung-Kuhn ; Park, Byung-Yoon ; Park, Jin-Chul ; Hong, Hi-Ki 2007. "Recent Progress in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Research - A Review of Papers Published in the Korean Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering in 2004 and 2005 -" 설비공학논문집 = Korean journal of air-conditioning and refrigeration engineering, 19(1): 94~131 


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