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예혼합 분무화염내의 이중적 액적 연소속도에 관한 관찰

Observation on Double-droplet Combustion Speed in Premixed Spray Flame


In order to elucidate the modes of double-droplet combustion speed in premixed spray flame, the difference between flame propagation speed and droplet cluster disappearance speed are experimentally investigated using a premixed spray burner system, It was confirmed that flame speed concerned with premixed-mode combustion in the spray flame was approximately 2.0 m/s in average while mean disappearance speed of droplet clusters, which were dominated by diffusion-mode combustion in downstream of the flame, was evaluated as much as 0.45 m/s. It was clarified that both characteristics of premixed-mode and diffusion-mode combustion in spray flames are of much difference in nature, even though both speed, which are supposed to depend on local properties of the spray itself and flow conditions surrounding droplet clusters, are scattered in experiments.

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