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논문 상세정보



A modelling scheme for the stress analysis taking into account load transfer characteristics of the osseointegrated interfaces between dental implant and surrounding alveolar bone was investigated. Main aim was to develop a more realistic simulation methodology for the load transfer at the interfaces than the prefect bonding assumption at the interfaces which might end up the reduced level in the stress result. In the present study, characteristics of osseointegrated bone/implant interfaces was modelled with material nonlinearity assumption. Bones at the interface were given different stiffness properties as functions of stresses. Six different models, i.e. tens0, tens20, tens40, tens60, tens80, and tens100 of which the tensile moduli of the bones forming the bone/implant interfaces were specified from 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 percents, respectively, of the compressive modulus were analysed. Comparisons between each model were made to study the effect of the tensile load carrying abilities, i.e. the effectivity of load transfer, of interfacial bones on the stress distribution. Results of the present study showed significant differences in the bone stresses across the interfaces. The peak stresses, however, were virtually the same regardless of the difference in the effectivity of load transfer, indicating the conventional linear modelling scheme which assumes perfect bonding at the bone/implant interface can be used without causing significant errors in the stress levels.

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