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논문 상세정보


The analyses of peak shapes in chromatography are useful in operating chroma­tographic system. The asymmetry and sharpness of a chromatographic peak are estimated by the reversed-phase adsorption of two standard peptides (angiotensin II bradykinin) on $C_{18}$ In this work, the average particle diameters of $C_{18}$ were 5 and 15 $\mu$m, while the pore sizes were 100 and 300 A. The composition of the mobile phase was $50/50\;vol.\;{\%}$ of a binary mixture of acetonitrile and water with $0.1\%$ TFA, and the particles were packed in a stainless column ($4.6{\times}150$ mm). The third and the fourth central movement were calculated from the chromatographic elution curves by moment analysis. The peak asymmetry was determined by two theoretical calculations: the asymmetry factor by elution peak analysis and skewness with moment analysis. The sharpness was estimated by the fourth central moment. In this work, the most acceptable skewness was calculated when the pore size was 300 A. The large excess was observed on small pore size.

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