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논문 상세정보


In Korea, the protection systems against the instability of the nation's power system are insufficient in contrast with many other countries. In addition, there have just been studies carried out on detecting power system instability, while only a few studies pertaining to protection plans against instability exist. This paper focuses on systems to protect against the instability phenomena in the Korean power system. In this paper, we survey possible contingencies in the Korean power system and suggest outline and specs of the SPS (System Protection Scheme) against faults on the 765 kV line, based on simulations. It is concluded that event-based SPS for transient stability is appropriate for the Korean power system. In the simulations, the most severe contingency on the Korean power system is the fault on 765 kV transmission lines. If one of these lines is tripped by a fault, synchronism may be lost on the power plants near this line because of heavy power flow carried by them. In addition, undervoltage in the Metropolitan region is a serious problem in this case since this region receives about half its total power flow through these lines. In order to prevent a synchronism loss, some power plants have to be rejected according to the situations in the simulations.

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