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논문 상세정보

White-spotted kidney가 동반된 송아지의 패혈증성 대장균증

Septicemic colibacillosis accompanied by white-spotted kidney in a calf


We report septicemic colibacillosis accompanied by white-spotted kidney in a 30-day old female Holstein-Friesian dairy calf. Grossly, there were numerous white spots sized average 0.5cm in diameter in both kidneys. When sectioned sagittally, there were radially oriented gray streaks extending outward and reaching the renal cortex. The renal papillae were ulcerated, white to gray in color and very friable. Histologically, there was extensive purulent inflammation characterized by severe neutrophilic cellular infiltrations in the tubular lumens and interstitia. In addition, massive coagulative necrosis were found in the apices of papillae. Numerous Gram-negative bacterial colonies were detected in both of the renal and lung tissues. Beta-hemolytic Escherichia coli (E. coli) was purely isolated from the renal parenchyma, peritoneal surface and pleural surface. Based on the above results, we suggest that the generalized septicemia with pyelonephritis may be oriented from the lower urinary tract infection with E. coli in this case.

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