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논문 상세정보


The integral relationship between the occurrence of lymphocyte nuclear pockets (LNPs) and BLV-infection was examined in Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle in Korea. Transmission electron microscope (TEM) was used to detect LNP in peripheral blood lymphocytes. Morphologically, the membranes of LNP were composed of two layers of double nuclear membrane. The full thickness of LNP membranes including inner and outer nuclear membrane was 60 to 70 nm. LNP prevalence was different according to the bovine leukemia virus (BLV) infection status; in BLV-seropositive cattle, LNP prevalence was 48.4% and in BLV-seronegative cattle prevalence was 5.9%. Moreover, even in seropositive animals, leukemic group was the highest at 70% positive among the groups, followed by suspect group (42.4%) and aleukemic group (23.1%). Consequently, the numbers of LNP were increased in proportion to increase of the numbers of leukocytes among BLV-seropositive cattle. The numbers of LNP per lymphocyte were increased in BLVseropositive cattle compared with seronegative cattle. The mean numbers of LNP per 100-lymphocytes were 0.35, 0.77, 1.64 and 4.7 in BLV-seronegative, BLV-seropositive aleukemic, suspect and leukemic groups, respectively. Thus, it is reasonable that LNP test can be used as the one of the diagnostic criteria of BLV infection.

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