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The optimal design of transmission system expansion planning is an important part of the overall planning task of electric power system under competitive electricity market environments. One of main keys of the successful grid expansion planning comes from optimal reliability level/criteria decision, which should be given for constraint in the optimal expansion problem. However, it's very difficult to decide logically the optimal reliability criteria of a transmission system as well as generation system expansion planning in a society. This paper approaches a methodology for deciding the optimal reliability criteria for an optimal transmission system expansion planning. A deterministic reliability criteria, BRR (Bus Reserve Rate) is used in this study. The optimal reliability criteria, BRR/sup */, is decided at minimum cost point of total cost curve which is the sum of the utility cost associated with construction cost and the customer outage cost associated with supply interruptions for load considering bus reserve rate at load buses in long term forecasting. The characteristics and effectiveness of this methodology are illustrated by the case study using IEEE-RTS.

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