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논문 상세정보


This paper describes recent developments in composite construction and their effect on codified design procedures in the UK. Areas of particular interest include: rules on shear connection, design of beams with web openings, serviceability limits, such as floor vibrations, and fire safe design. The design of cellular beams with regular circular openings now includes generalized rules for web-post buckling, and for the development of in-plane moment in the web-post for asymmetric sections. Closed solutions for the maximum shear force due to limits on web-post bending or buckling are presented. The fire resistance of cellular beams is also dependent on the temperature of the web-post, and for closely spaced openings. It is necessary to increase the thickness of fire protection to the web. For serviceability design of beams, deflection limits and natural frequency and response factor for vibration are presented. It may be necessary to use stricter limits for certain applications.

참고문헌 (4)

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  2. Lawson, R. M. (1987). Design for Openings in the Webs of Composite Beams. The Steel Construction Institute Publication 56. 
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  4. Wyatt, T. A. (1989), Design Guide on the Vibration of Floors. The Steel Construction Institute Publication 76. 

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