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논문 상세정보

2개의 구를 지나는 유동에 대한 수치 해석적 연구 (I) -유동방향으로 놓여진 2개의 구

Numerical Simulation of Flows Past Two Spheres (I) -Two Spheres Aligned in the Streamwise Direction-


A parametric study on the interactions of two spheres aligned in the streamwise direction is carried out using an immersed boundary method. The numerical results for the case of single sphere for the range of $Rs{\le}300$ are in good agreement with other authors' experimental and numerical results currently available. Then, our main investigation is focused on identifying the change of the vortical structures in the presence of a nearby sphere aligned in the streamwise direction for the range $Re{\le}300$. It turns out that significant changes in physical characteristics are noticed depending on how close the two spheres are. In this paper, not only quantitative changes in the key physical parameters such as the force coefficients, but also qualitative changes in vortex structures are reported and analyzed.

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