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논문 상세정보

메탄/공기 층류 부분예혼합화염의 상세 라디칼(OH*, CH* 그리고 C2*) 정보와 배기매출물에 관한 실험적 연구

Detailed Local Chemiluminescence Measurement (OH*, CH* and C2*) and Nitrogen Oxides Emissions in Laminar Partially Premixed CH4/Air Flames


An experimental study was performed to investigate the effects of partially premixing, varying the equivalence ratios from $0.79{\sim}{\infty}$, on NOx emissions and chemiluminescence of excited $OH^{\ast},\;CH^{ast}\;C_2^{\ast}$ radicals in laminar partially premixed flames. the signal from the electronically excited state of $OH^{\ast},\;CH^{ast}\;C_2^{\ast}$ was detected through a band pass filter with a photo multiplier tube, which are processed to the intensity ratio ($C_2^{\ast}/CH^{\ast},\;C_2^{\ast}/OH^{\ast},\;and\;CH^{\ast}/OH^{\ast}$) to reveal the correlation with local equivalence ratio. And measurements of NOx emission were made to investigate the relationship between visible flame appearance, chemiluminescence, and EINOX. The results demonstrated that (1) the flames at ${\phi}<1.59$ exhibited classical double flame structure, at ${\phi}>4.76$, the flames exhibited diffusion flame structure, and the intermediate flames at $1.59<{\phi}<4.76$ was a merged flame, (2) the $OH^{\ast}$ peak was located inside the $CH^{\ast}\;and\;C_2^{\ast}$ radical for all measured conditions and the emission intensity ratio of $C_2^{\ast}/CH^{\ast}\;and\;C_2^{\ast}/OH^{\ast}$ were identified as good marker for local equivalence ratio over a range of ${\phi}=0.79{\sim}1.2\;and\;CH^{\ast}/OH^{\ast}\;is\;0.79<{\phi}<1.9$. However, it was difficult to predict the equivalence ratio in partially premixed flames using this system for ${\phi}>2.38$, (3) the minimum NOX emission index (EINOx) is obtained for a equivalence ratio of 3.19 in the intermediate flames.

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