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논문 상세정보

화학레이저 구동용 이젝터 시스템 개발 (III) - 고출력 화학레이저용 실물 크기의 이젝터 시스템 개발 및 성능 검증

Development of an Ejector System for Operating of Chemical Lasers (III) - Development and Performance Validation of a Full-Scale Ejector System for High Power Chemical Lasers -


From the geometric parameter study, an optimal ejector design procedure of pressure recovery system for chemical lasers was acquired. For given primary flow reservoir conditions, an up-scaled ejector was designed and manufactured. In the performance test, secondary mass flow rate of 100g/s air was entrained satisfying the design secondary pressure, $40{\sim}50torr$. Performance validation of a supersonic ejector system along with an investigation of effects of supersonic diffuser was conducted. Placement of the diffuser at the secondary inlet further reduced diffuser upstream pressure to 7torr. Lastly, the duplicate of apparatus (air 500g/s secondary mass flow rate each) was built and connected in parallel to assess proportionality behavior on a system to handle larger mass flow rate. Test and comparison of the parallel unit demonstrated the secondary mass flow rate was proportional to the number of individual units that were brought together maintaining the lasing pressure.

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