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논문 상세정보

LMI-Based Intelligent Digital Redesign for Multirate Sampled-Data Fuzzy Systems


This paper presents a new linear-matrix-inequality-based intelligent digital redesign (LMI-based IDR) technique to match the states of the analog and the digital T-S fuzzy control systems at the intersampling instants as well as the sampling ones. The main features of the proposed technique are: 1) the affine control scheme is employed to increase the degree of freedom; 2) the fuzzy-model-based periodic control is employed, and the control input is changed n times during one sampling period; 3) The proposed IDR technique is based on the approximately discretized version of the T-S fuzzy system, but its discretization error vanishes as n approaches the infinity. 4) some sufficient conditions involved in the state matching and the stability of the closed-loop discrete-time system can be formulated in the LMIs format.

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